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Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers are used to protect your spa from leaves, branches, and other debris that can fall into the water. Your cover helps insulate your hot tub by creating a tight seal: Warm air can’t escape, and cooler air can’t enter. Hot Tub Contractor’s network of professionals carry high quality hot tub covers that are designed for extreme weather conditions. Hot tub covers help reduce energy consumption, and costs. Adding a cover lifters helps take the strain out of removing and returning the cover every time you use the hot tub. Let our network of Hot Tub experts help you choose the right cover and accessories. Our network provides hot tub covers and accessories throughout all major cities in all 50 states. (Powered by PoolContractor.com)

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Adding a Cover Lifter Saves Time & Your Back

A growing number of hot tub cover lifters may be installed without the use of any power tools. Attachable clamps or undermount brackets are usually included. If at all possible, get a cover lifter such as this. Not only will it save you time when installing your spa cover lifter, but it will also help retain the resale value of your hot tub by avoiding drilling holes in the wood paneling.

Types of Hot Tub Covers We Carry

When looking for the right cover for you, durability, function, and aesthetics are the factors that you’ll want to consider first and foremost. There are four main types of spa covers that hot tub owners typically have to choose from.

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Time To Buy a New Cover?

Your hot tub loses heat more quickly in cold weather. You’ll have problems keeping your spa warm in cold weather if you don’t have a proper cover. It’s time to get a new one if your existing cover isn’t keeping the heat in.

It’s difficult to say when you should replace or upgrade your spa cover but most experts agree that every 5 to 7 years, most covers need to be replaced. Your spa cover will get saturated with water over time and become heavier and heavier to lift. If it becomes too heavy to lift after a while, the seams may tear or the cover may split in half.  Guard your investment with a high quality hot tub cover that provides year round protection.

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