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Hot Tub Repairs

We know how to repair all brands of spas and spa equipment at Hot Tub Contractor. Repairing leaks, rewiring control panels, and completing voltage conversions, such as switching from 110V to 220V, are just a few of the services we offer. We have the experience to handle everything from minor repairs to comprehensive restorations!

Hot Tub Repairs in Ellensburg, WA

Reliable Hot Tub Experts

Our network of hot tub professionals keep plenty of hot tub & spa parts in stock so that they have inventory on hand for most common repairs and upgrades. As one of the leading hot tub repair networks, we strive to provide unparalleled support and service to the community. Hot Tub Contractor provides hot tub repair service in all major cities throughout all 50 states, so we definitely service your local area!

Repairs & Upgrades

All hot tub and spa plumbing repairs are completed in a professional manner with high-quality equipment. Our network of installers and repair experts strive to provide expert-level service and upgrades. At Hot Tub Contractor we treat your hot tub as if it were our own and take pride in our ability to repair and maintain all major makes & models.

​UV Lighting System Upgrades:
​Kills Bacteria & Viruses – 50% Less Bromine or Chlorine needed per refilling of your hot tub or spa.
Hot Tub Repair Service in Ellensburg, WA

Rely on Hot Tub Contractor To Perform Repairs & Upgrades

Did you know that, like a car, your hot tub needs routine maintenance and tune-ups? In fact, taking care of and maintaining your equipment is critical for its health and lifespan, as well as keeping it in good working condition so that you, your family, and friends can use it safely. Our network of professional hot tub technicians are capable of doing comprehensive repair work. Let a professional diagnose any existing problems you may have and provide expert advice on essential repairs to get your hot tub in proper operating order. A repair expert can also handle internal component upgrades.

Hot Tub Inspections:

  • Tripped Breaker Check
  • Inspection of Heating Element
  • Pump/Pump Seal in working order
  • Jets Are Properly Flowing
  • Signs of Any Structural Damage

Hot Tub Tune-Ups:

  • Hot Tub Pump Tune-Up
  • Small Jet Issue Fix
  • Blower Issues
  • Spa Issues
  • Heating Element Issues
  • Frame & Cabinet Assessments
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