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Wondering what hot tub features are popular and trending? We’ve got you covered with some great recommendations that will help you in your journey to selecting the best hot tub for your backyard.

Hot tubs make be a delightful addition to family time and outdoor celebrations, and it also has health and fitness benefits. A calming soak can aid with stress relief, arthritis, sore muscles, and circulation. After a morning walk, slipping into a spa will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day. An nighttime soak will assist you in disconnecting, decompressing, and falling asleep more quickly.

8 Hot Tub Upgrades To Consider

However, how can you pick the best hot tub? When buying for a hot tub, there are eight crucial aspects to consider.

Materials and Construction of a Hot Tub

The quality and durability of the inner and outer workings of a spa is one of the most significant factors to consider while looking for one. Shells for hot tubs are built of a variety of materials. The most popular types of plastic include acrylic, vinyl, and rotomolded plastic. And certain shells are better at retaining heat than others. Inquire about the energy efficiency of the spa you’re considering with your dealer. A hot tub shell should, in general, be attractive, sturdy, energy-efficient, and able to sustain years of continuous use.

Exterior Cabinets for Hot Tubs

Because the cabinet is the visual component of your spa that surrounds the exterior, it must be appealing to the eye. Exteriors for hot tubs come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs. Natural wood cabinets may appear warm and rich, but they may require additional upkeep to keep them protected from the elements.

Service is simple and inexpensive in spas with easily removable side panels. You can also change the appearance of your spa at any time. Weatherproof synthetic cabinets are UV resistant, almost maintenance free, and easy to clean with a quick spray from the garden hose.

Insulation for Hot Tubs

The hot tub’s inside is insulated with a thick layer of expanding foam from the manufacturer. Some manufacturers insulate only the underside of the shell and the internal floor, while others insulate the entire cabinet. If you reside in a chilly region, it’s a good idea to inspect the hot tub’s inside insulation before purchasing.

Lighting for Hot Tubs

Spa lighting has developed in recent years and is now superb for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Above the water, along the rim, and below the water, lights have been installed to aid in safe movement around the spa. Some hot tubs have controls for changing the hue or brightness of the light to your liking. LED bulbs are used in almost all hot tub lights.

Controls for the Hot Tub

The most recent spa-side or hand-held remote controls are simple to operate. Some cutting-edge designs even allow you to control your hot tub via a smartphone app. Some models have a touchscreen beside the hot tub or a smartphone app that allows you to control the heater, lights, pump, and runtime. In a hot tub control panel or app, look for the following features:

  • Blower control: This regulates the flow of air into the hot tub, which causes the jets to bubble.
  • Lights: You should be able to alter the brightness and color of the hot tub’s lights in addition to turning them on and off.
  • Jets: Some hot tubs feature up to three buttons for controlling the jets. This allows you to control the power and speed of your jets.
  • Temperature: While many hot tubs have pre-programmed temperature controls, you should be able to adjust them manually as well. Keep in mind that most hot tubs are designed to maintain a temperature of 104 degrees or less.
  • GFI or GFCI failure, as well as overheating, are the key alarms you should watch for on a control panel.

Hot tubs with massage jets

Some spas come with dozens of massaging jets that may be set in a variety of ways. Check the jet design and how the water pressure is controlled when looking for a hot tub. For added therapeutic benefits, look for a hot tub with massaging foot jets and neck jets.

Cooling System

By regulating the water temperature to a warmer or cooler setting based on the weather, a cooling system allows you to enjoy your hot tub all year. In the summer, a cooling system provides a fun location for the grandchildren to swim and play, as well as a peaceful spot to unwind after a long day of yard work, and it’s an excellent addition for families who live in hot climes. On a sweltering afternoon, chill the water for a refreshing dip, then boost the temperature in the evening for a peaceful, muscle-relaxing bath.

Entertainment Packages for Hot Tubs

While audio and video upgrades are not required for the health advantages of hot tubs, they can add to your relaxation sanctuary.

You can listen to music from your smartphone or indoor home entertainment system through speakers built into your hot tub, or you can install a wireless Bluetooth audio system to stream music from your smartphone or indoor home entertainment system. A water-resistant remote is commonly included with a hot tub audio entertainment system to manage music volume, play, pause, switch tracks, or select different inputs.

With an all-weather HD video monitor, you can relax in your hot tub while watching video, TV, movies, and more. Most video monitors connect to your home video sources or a streaming stick to provide a variety of viewing options, and most video packages include a pedestal and base that slides beneath the spa for easy setup and installation.

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